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OER [Open Educational Resources] Copyright and Permissions Information

Statement for the benefit of teachers and others who may wish to use content on this site:


To the extent possible under law, Michael Madison has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to the following Syllabi, related Course Information, and related Writing Assignments made available at

  • Copyright Law (any term / any semester)
  • Trademark Law (any term / any semester)
  • Foundations of Intellectual Property Law (any term / any semester)
  • Contracts (any term / any semester)
  • Technology, Law, and Leadership (any term / any semester)

The works listed above are published from: United States.

Teachers, researchers, students, practitioners, and others who may wish to copy, adapt, and/or distribute original content presented on the above pages, including both original text and any original selection and arrangement, are welcome to do so.

No copyright is claimed by Michael Madison in any material to which the pages listed above link, unless the text of the Syllabus or Course Information page indicates otherwise. Permission from any relevant copyright owner to use and/or link to that material may or may not be required, depending on national law and the copyright or public domain status of the material.

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Unless otherwise explicitly indicated, all content on this site, including all text, graphical content, and works consisting of selection, coordination, or arrangement of other material, was authored by Michael Madison.

All content hosted elsewhere and to which this site links is used in the context of this site by virtue of at least one of the following mechanisms in law: the content is in the public domain; the content is used via an implied or express license; the content is used via the doctrine of fair use under US copyright law.