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The Future Law Project

A research center at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. I am the founder and faculty director. The Future Law Project (FLP) offers leadership conversations about transformations in law as a field of expertise and information, including education, practice, legal services delivery, courts, and systems promising access to justice.  

The Law of Intellectual Property

A book. This law school casebook on intellectual property law was published from 2005 through 2017 in five editions in total. I co-authored all five editions with Craig Nard (Case Western Reserve University). The third, fourth, and fifth editions were also co-authored with Mark McKenna (UCLA). The first and second editions were also co-authored with David Barnes (Seton Hall).

Three Rivers IP & Tech Law Colloquium

A conference. I co-founded this annual event for IP and tech policy researchers in 2018, with Jacob Rooksby (then of Duquesne University, now dean of Gonzaga University School of Law). The event is a forum for scholarly conversations among researchers affiliated with universities in the “Three Rivers” region, centered in Pittsburgh but broadly defined. Hosting rotates annually between Pitt Law and Duquesne Law.