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The Future of Law in Technology and Governance

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A scholarly seminar series hosted on Zoom and co-sponsored by Pitt Law’s Future Law Project and Pitt’s Center for Governance and Markets. Professor Michael Madison produces and moderates the series. The seminars are open to students and researchers around the world.

Spring 2021 seminars

Fall 2021 seminars

Spring 2022 seminars

Fall 2022 seminars

Spring 2023 seminars

  • Carla Reyes, “Computational Entities for Regular People”
  • Michael Sinha, Data Privacy and Security Concerns After Roe v Wade
  • Dan Rodriguez, Judging the Black Box: AI and Administrative Law
  • Jessica Silbey, Sarah Newman, and Halsey Burgund, Artificial Justice
  • Jane Winn and Pam Dixon, Using Information Privacy Standards to Build Governance Markets
  • Ravit Dotan, AI Ethics and Corporate Investing