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Technology, Law, and Leadership


This is the home of LAW 5754 at the University of Pittsburgh, the course titled Technology, Law, and Leadership.

About the course

Technology, Law, and Leadership is a three-credit limited enrollment seminar for upper-level law students at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. The course is LAW 5754 in the University of Pittsburgh course catalog. There is no prerequisite for this course, but it is a limited enrolled seminar capped at 12 students per semester.

Official course description

The official course description (University of Pittsburgh course number LAW 5754) is this:

The theme of this seminar is change. Technologies are changing in ways that we often do not even see. The character of law, legal institutions, and law practice is changing rapidly and dramatically. As humans, our capabilities and futures are changing. How do we identify and assess the virtues and drawbacks of all of this?  As lawyers and as professionals in other fields, what – if anything – can and should we do about it? The seminar approaches those questions by diving into deep critical examinations of how technological change is generating and reflecting new ideas about what law is and what law does, at both global and local scales.  The payoff is greater than learning about contemporary technology law.  The payoff is an introduction to leadership competencies and capabilities that help new lawyers and other professionals thrive in this new world.